A human pupil up close. Photo by v2osk via Unsplash.

Many mammals exhibit an automatic physiological response known as “piloerection,” which involves the hair standing on end. Humans exhibit this response, too, but since our hair is sparse, it manifests mostly as goose bumps. Image by Geran de Klerk via Unsplash.

An anonymous footprint in sand. Photo: Kensy Cooperrider
The roots of the Ceropegia juncea plant. Adapted from an illustration in ‘Plants of the Coast of Commandel’ (source).

In 2010, a trio of psychologists introduced the acronym WEIRD. It captures the idea that people in Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic societies are oddballs compared to the rest of humanity (photo).

Every creature inhabits its own self-world, or ‘umwelt,’ according to the theoretical biologist Jakob von Uexküll. (image)

Many Minds podcast

Our world is brimming with beings—human, animal, and artificial. We explore how they think, sense, feel, and learn. A project of @DivIntelligence & @kensycoop.

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